Tuesday, May 10, 2011

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Sofia Marikh

Sofia Marikh صوفيا مريخ is a sexy arab moroccan pop music singer, model and a famous entertainer.
Hot Sofia Marikh started her career as a model and since a very young age regularly appeared in well known advertisements in her country. Later she decided to join the famous music arab reality show Star Academy 1 but she prefered to sing in french and english rather than arabic and that was the reason her appeareance wasn't a very big success and she didn't win the reality show despite of her singing abilities and her contagious joyful personality.
Sexy Sofia Marikh became famous in all the arab world after making a tv commercial for Pepsi. She released later her first album called Kelmet Hob that was quite successful and even entered in Virgin’s top 10 chart. The most appreciated song in the album Bezzaf Bezzaf was aired for weeks in most famous arabic radios. Her success didn't stop there, as a moroccan she was even awarded by the king of Morocco.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011


Arwa اروى‎ is a famous sexy arab yemeni singer and a TV Host on MBC.
Hot Arwa was studying engineering at Cairo university when she decided to start her singing career in 1999. This yemeni attractive baby was born in Kuwait in 1976 but lived most of her life in Egypt where her parents decided to move. As a singer Arwa released 4 successful albums and her very first album was Ahla Ayami wich means My best days.
Sexy Arwa real name is Eman Salem Bamiran but her artistic chosen name is Arwa. After becoming a well known singer Arwa decided to enter the world of TV hosting and she was quite successful doing this job receiving a Golden Award in 2010. She host a famous tv show aired on MBC called Akher man Yaalam wich means The Last person to know.

Sexy Arab Arwa Video Hobak Enta

Monday, January 3, 2011

Najwa Karam

Najwa Karam نجوى كرم‎ is a sexy arab lebanese famous singer.
Hot Najwa Karam is one of the highest paid arabic artist in the arab music industry. Since a very young age her angelic voice was remarked by her friends and family. Najwa was a teacher when she decided in 1985 to start her artistic career winning the gold medal in a tv show called Layalo Lubnan. Her Folkloric lebanese voice style will open to her the doors of fame. People call her the sun of song because of her amazing powerful voice.
Sexy Najwa Karam real success and big exposure only started in the late 1994 when she joined Rotana famous arabic music label. Later in 1998 she changed her very traditional folkloric style to a more modern style with hits songs like Maghroumeh and Noqta al satr. Najwa even made a word tour breaking all audience records for an arabic artist. She is one of the most famous and most respected singer in the arab world.

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Amelia Zidane

Amelia Zidane اميليا زيدان is a sexy arab algerian oriental belly dancer.
Hot Amelia Zidane was studying psychology but she always dreamed to become a famous oriental belly dancer. She first started as a choregrapher creating shows for dance spectacles. Later, she began dancing flamenco and Oriental modern dance. Amelia became famous after participating as a coach in Hezzi ya Nayem, an Oriental Belly dance show broadcasted on LBC.

Sexy Amelia Zidane is considered as one of the best oriental belly dancer in the world. She recorded in 1999 a hit single called Sefina and made an album with lebanese Dj Said Mrad. Zidane later moved to Lebanon where she decided to live. She is the only belly dancer that ever made the cover of famous french fashion magazine Elle.

Sexy Arab Amelia Zidane Video Oriental Belly Dance

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dana Halabi

Dana Halabi دانا حلبي is a sexy arab lebanese model and singer.
Hot Dana Halabi was studying interior design when she started her modeling career in 2001. Since then Dana was elected Miss Magic Eyes in 2003 and Miss Oriental Dance in 2004. She was born in Kuwait but lived most of her life in Tripoli in Lebanon. This natural beautiful babe is married to a lawyer. She is known to be one of the few arabic celebrities that didn't make any plastic surgery.
Sexy Dana Halabi, also called Doudou, wanted to become famous and her desires become true in a record time. It all started when she met Jad Sawaya, a famous lebanese producer and manager. Halabi started singing in sexy video clips using her hot body to attract arab viewers. Her very first song is Ana Dana. She got other succesful hit songs like Enta Meen, Miya Miya, Howa Ana Shewaya and Ana El asl.

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Nadine Labaki

Nadine Labaki نادين لبكي is a sexy arab lebanese music video clip director and an actress.

Hot Nadine Labaki passion for directing started when she first participated in the famous tv show Studio El Fan. She became well known after directing Tayr El Gharam video clip for Pascal Machaalani famous arabic singer star. But her first real professional success was a video clip for Nancy Ajram song Akhasmak Ah that was aired for monthes in most arabic tv channels. Beautiful Nadine also worked for famous music artists like Carole Samaha, Majida El Roumi, Nicole Saba, Noura Rahal, Nawal Zoghbi and Katia Harb.

Sexy Nadine Labaki amazing directing style and great imagination in visual production is the reason why she is one of the most appreciated lady in the industry. Born in Lebanon in 1974, Labaki is married to a music composer and her successful music video clips always receive awards and are much appreciated by the arab viewers. Nadine is also an actress and was the principal character in the movie Caramel or Sukkar Banat.

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